Seeing Red: How To Avoid Trouble When Police Pull You Over

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Normal, law-abiding citizens panic about imaginary crimes they may have committed when stopped by the police. In fact, most traffic pullovers are for minor violations such as speeding or a broken indicator light. A failure to behave correctly, however, can quickly escalate a situation so that you end up being charged with a far more serious offence. Here are some tips to keep your cool when the police pull you over.

Avoid the Blues

When pulled over by the police, it is important that you are cooperative. If you are violating the law in some way, these steps will reduce the likelihood of you being searched or arrested.

By remaining calm and pleasant, you may be lucky enough to escape with a warning. You can take a deep breath and plan not to break the law in the future.

Exercise Your Rights

Once panic sets in, it is easy to forget your rights in a traffic pullover situation. Remain clear-headed and remember that officers are obliged to follow set procedures. 

Fulfill Your Obligations

There are responsibilities which you must meet if your car is stopped by the police. If you comply and fulfill these responsibilities, you are more likely to evade trouble.

Do not let a simple traffic pullover result in serious charges that could affect your future. Behave with dignity, meet your obligations and gently demand your legal rights, if necessary. If you do see red and a traffic pullover goes terribly wrong, immediately seek a criminal law specialist.