3 Very Good Reasons to Hire a Conveyancer When Purchasing or Receiving Property

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The process of conveyancing a property from one person to another can be stressful and difficult. Some buyers feel that they can eliminate stress by handling this process on their own versus paying the cost of hiring a professional, but this can actually make the process even more difficult for you.

Consider some very good reasons why you want to hire a professional conveyancer such asRay Swift Moutrage & Associates during this process, and how they can make it easier on you overall.

1. A conveyancer can do a full property search

Before you purchase a property you should have a full search done, to ensure you know everything about that property and what may affect its overall value in the future. For example, a conveyancer can find out if there are plans to build a road near the property or to erect a shopping centre a short distance away. These types of plans can affect future construction, or your enjoyment of a home you put on that property.

This search can also ensure that the person who has the deed to the property is the only owner and that he or she is free to convey it to you. If there is a lien on the property then you will become liable for that lien after the conveyancing process. It's important you have a professional handle these types of searches for you so you know everything about the property you need to know before receiving it.

2. A conveyancer can find if there is a flood risk for the property

If there is a flood risk for the property, this might not only affect your decision to purchase the property but it might also mean that you need to file a flood report and purchase additional insurance for the property. A conveyancer can check with the Land Registry to find if the property is on a flood plain and how this might affect your decision to purchase.

3. Your agreement needs to be properly and legally worded

Even if the process of conveyancing is done between friends or close business associates, the agreement needs to be properly and legally worded to be recognized by the courts. A professional conveyancer can create these agreements for you or review the potential agreement you've drawn up, and ensure that the wording is accurate and won't cause problems down the road. This can keep you from having to pay court costs at a later date if questions about ownership or the conveyancing process should arise.