Before Your Divvy Up Your Children with Your Ex-Spouse, Consider These Four Points

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After a divorce, families embrace many different arrangements as they strive to reinvent their familial unit into two separate units. One rare but still used option includes splitting up the kids between the parents. If you are in the midst of a divorce and you are wondering what would happen if you divvied up the kids between each other rather than sharing custody, here are four points you should consider.

1. Families can create their own post-divorce arrangements

In most contemporary divorce cases, children spend time with both parents after a divorce, but by law, families are allowed to come to an agreement that suits them. If you and your ex-partner believe that this is the right arrangement for your family, work with a family lawyer to establish the arrangement in writing. If necessary, you can use the opinions of your kids to bolster your case.

2. Children in favor of the agreement may help your case

If your children are just babies, they may hardly notice the new arrangement at the present time. However, if they are older, you should give some weight to their opinion on the matter. Under Australian law, children do not ever have a say in the custody arrangement as they are minors, but if the courts know that your kids are in favor of this arrangement, that can work in your favor.

However, if your children are old enough to have an opinion and they do not like this arrangement, you and your ex-partner may want to consider an alternative.

3. Keeping siblings together is often considered beneficial

If your children do not want to be separated, try to see things from their perspectives. They may want a sibling to help them through the experience, and in many cases, it is considered better for the children to keep siblings together. Regardless of how your kids feel, make sure that you carefully consider the long term reality before agreeing to divvying up the kids.

4. Long-term reality may be different than the original vision

In the rare event that a family decides to split up the children between spouses, it can offer many advantages. Parents do not have to worry about awkward child exchanges, and they do not have to worry about the challenges of co-parenting with an ex-spouse. Additionally, as they are not sharing custody, they can move anywhere and really focus on their new life without worrying about their ex.

However, in spite of many seeming advantages to splitting up the kids, the reality may be different. Before agreeing to this arrangement, make sure that you are really ready for the reality of not seeing your child for a long time if ever. Contact law firms such as Delaney & Delaney Solicitors for more assistance.