Why You Should Hire A Solicitor To Handle Your Personal Injury Claim

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You have two options to choose from if you were involved in an accident and you would like to be compensated by your insurance company; you can hire a solicitor or you can pursue the claim yourself. This article discusses the benefits that you would derive from hiring a solicitor to pursue your claim.

Knowledge of Different Losses You Can Be Compensated For

Chances are very high that if you file a claim by yourself then you will leave out some losses for which you could have been compensated. For instance, most people only look at the cost of medical care and the cost of repairing their car that was damaged by an errant driver. A solicitor will advise you to file additional claims for losses like your inability to perform certain domestic chores (such as doing your laundry) due to the injuries you suffered. Thus, the solicitor will be able to get you a better compensation package than you would have been able to secure by yourself.

Knowledge of Which Evidence to Adduce

You may have a legitimate claim, but it could be denied if you do not adduce the appropriate evidence to back it up. That is where a solicitor comes in; he or she will know the kind of evidence that is needed to prove your claim for compensation. For instance, the solicitor will hire a consultant psychiatrist to testify about the psychological torture that you suffered because of the accident you were involved in. Such expert testimonies can convince court to order the insurance company to give you all you included in your claim.

Expediting the Claim Process

A solicitor knows all the paperwork that needs to be filed and how it should be filed. This reduces the amount of time that processing the claim can take. Additionally, the insurance company will take your claim more seriously if there is a solicitor involved since they will know that you are prepared to go to court if they do not compensate you adequately. It is, therefore, very beneficial to hire a solicitor so that your matter is concluded quickly.

The discussion above shows that you have a lot to benefit from when you hire a solicitor to act on your behalf as you pursue a claim for compensation after an accident. Do not be deterred by the fees the solicitor may charge you, as the benefits you get may more than make up for that money you spend to get the expert skills of that solicitor.

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