Five Things To Consider When Contacting A Solicitor About Elder Abuse

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If you suspect that someone you love has been a victim of elder abuse, you may want to hire a solicitor. A solicitor can help you review your case, weigh your options and figure out how to charge the perpetrator with abuse. Before hiring a solicitor, you consider the following points:

1. Proof

Ideally, you should have proof of the elder abuse. Proof may include testimonies from the elder, financial documents showing signs of fraud, pictures of bruises or scars or autopsy reports. If you do not have proof but suspect elder abuse, a solicitor can still help you decide if your case has merit.

2. Support of the Elder

If the elder is living, you may want his or her support before you go forward with the case. If the elder does not see the situation as abusive, it may be hard to argue your point. However, it is important to keep in mind that most people who commit elder abuse are close to the elder.

If the elder feels they are broaching a caretaker's trust or if they are being psychologically abused and controlled by their abusers, they may refuse to come forward. If that describes your situation, you may need to come forward on their behalf.  

3. Diminished Mental Faculties

In most cases, it is preferable to have the support of the victim before moving forward with your case. However, in some cases, it is not advisable. If the elder has limited mental faculties due to dementia or developmental disabilities, he or she may be a "liability" to your case if he or she alerts the abuser of the charges.

Unfortunately, the abuser may take the leaked information and use it to his or her advantage. Ideally, you should terminate the relationship between the elder and the abuser, but if you cannot, it is important to keep the above ideas in mind.

4. Elder Abuse Experts

Unfortunately, according to many elder advocates, the laws surrounding elder abuse are not strong enough, and because of the weak laws, it may be hard to prosecute some abusers for their crimes. For this reason, you need a solicitor who truly understands the laws around elder abuse. Their expertise can help you figure out how to successfully move your case forward.

5. Wrongful Death Suits

Sadly. some elders die as a result of elder abuse. If your loved one has died, that doesn't mean you should drop the case. You still deserve justice, and you may be able to bring a wrongful death suit against the abuser.

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