Avoid Drink Driving with These 4 Tips

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Drink driving charges can be extremely expensive, and they can be annoying as they typically result in a revoked driving license. There are all kinds of tips about ensuring your registration is updated, making sure your tail lights work and other pointers to help you avoid getting stopped. However, these tips are all about managing drink driving.

Here are four tips on avoiding the practise:

1. Leave your vehicle at home

Perhaps the most efficient way to ensure you aren't tempted to drink drive is simply to leave your vehicle at home. Alcohol does more than slow the reflexes when you drive, it also makes you feel bold and reckless.

Sometimes people bring their vehicles out, assuming that if they drink too much they will arrange alternative transportation. However, in the moment, when your blood is full of lager, it can be harder to be responsible and you may get behind the wheel anyway. If your car isn't there, you completely eradicate this risk.

2. Do not designate a driver

If you are going to leave your vehicle at home, you need to make alternative driving arrangements. In many cases, people like to designate a sober driver. In some cases, this can work. For example, if you know your friend is pregnant or a sober alcoholic, you can trust them not to drink.

However, in other cases, the fun atmosphere makes it just too hard to resist a cocktail or two. Instead of taking that risk, set up a cab service, book a party bus or hire a limo for the night. All of these options are cheaper than paying for a drink driving charge and arguably more reliable than relying on a designated driver.

3. Only drink within walking distance of your home

If you don't want to waste money on transport, consider only drinking in the local pub located in walking distance of your home. If you live in a remote area where this strategy isn't possible, stay home and drink there.

4. Do not rely on tricks to sober up

Many people think you can drink a pot of coffee and you will be fine to drive. That is not true. Unfortunately, the only way to get alcohol out of your system is to wait as your system cleanses itself.

Typically, this process takes two hours per drink, meaning that you should not drive for eight hours after having four drinks. However, this rule varies based on your weight and whether or not you have eaten. Overall, do not rely on myths about sobering up. Either make plans to avoid drink driving or just avoiding drinking. It isn't worth the risk.

If you have found this info too late and have already received a drink driving charge, contact an attorney to help you.