Three Ways a Family Lawyer Can Help with Unique Divorce Situations

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When you decide to get a divorce, you may be facing some problematic issues. Some of these issues can be resolved between yourself and your soon to be ex. There are some issues that aren't as easily solved. Here are three ways a family lawyer can help you with your unique divorce issues and help you move forward in the divorce process:

Handling Same Home Divorces

You may be in a situation where the divorce is fine for both parties, but having one of you move is the problem. If you plan on residing under the same roof while you get the divorce, and following the divorce, then you may need the help of a family lawyer. The reason is due to the proof you will need to provide to the courts that the marriage is dissolved. The lawyer can help you prove to the courts that you live two separate lives rather than a mutual married cohabitation.

Overseas Divorces

If you were married overseas, you may have some different issues than someone who married within Australia. You will need to provide certain pieces of resident certification as well as original marriage certificates. Depending on the circumstances of the marriage, such as being in a church versus being married by an officiate, you may need to provide even more proof of the marriage so that it can be dissolved legally in Australia. A family lawyer can help you with the proper paperwork, obtaining the right certifications, and filing all of the paperwork with the courts.

Missing Spouses

You may have an issue where you can't locate your soon to be spouse due to a move during the separation stage of the divorce. With the help of a family lawyer you can, at the very least, attempt to contact your spouse to have the divorce papers served. They know the methods that the court will accept as proof of your attempt to contact them and they know what methods may work when traditional methods have failed. This can help speed the divorce and help you reach your spouse for other legal matters that may be pending in the marriage.

These are just three of the ways that a family lawyer can help you with problematic divorces. If you are ready to move forward with your divorce, contact your local lawyers for details. They can provide a consultation and help you move forward with whatever path your divorce will take you down.