Top Tips When Hiring A 24-Hour Country Process Server

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Process servers are a critical aspect of any lawsuit. These professionals are hired by the plaintiff to serve court papers to the respondent. 24-hour country process servers are an ideal choice for people that need court papers delivered within one day. Below is a quick guide on how to interview process servers. Hopefully, it will ensure that you work with the best process server. 

What Areas Do You Offer Your Services? 

Australia is a vast country. Therefore, you should check the process server's operating area to know whether they can deliver the court papers. Preferably, work with a process server that offers countrywide services. It is especially so if you are unsure about the whereabouts of the respondent. 

Do You Have Any Legal Knowledge? 

In Australia, process servers are not legally bound to be legal practitioners. In fact, a process server can be anyone above 18 years. As such, you could be wondering why the professional requires some legal knowledge. Well, process servers must abide by a strict code of conduct. For instance, they should not harass the respondent into signing the court papers or break into their property. If the respondent is unwilling to acknowledge receipt of the document, the server should produce sufficient evidence of this and include it in their affidavit. 

What Happens When You Cannot Find The Respondent? 

An experienced process server will go to all lengths to find the respondent. If they cannot be located at their address, the process server should use legally accepted methods to trace them. For instance, the server could check their social media pages or contact friends or relatives to inquire about their location. If these methods do not bear any fruit, the process server should engage local police to help trace the individual. If the server is unsuccessful, your lawyer should ask the court to allow them to use alternative means. For instance, the documents could be sent via email. 

How Much Do You Charge?  

Assess the process server's pricing by comparing it with the rates of other servers. While it would be tempting to choose the cheapest server, you need to consider the success rate of the various professionals, their reputation and guarantees. Remember, you will spend much more if you hire a cheap process server who cannot serve the papers within the stipulated period. You should also examine the server's terms. For instance, how many times will they attempt to serve the respondent? If possible, the professional should have liability insurance. 

You should now have an easy time hiring a 24-hour country process server. Assess the server's operating area, legal knowledge, expertise and fees.