How Can You Claim Compensation If You're Involved in a Multiple Vehicle Pile-up?

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If you have seen those frightening videos online that show what can happen when vehicles pile into each other on a dark motorway, you may vow to take more care on the roads. However, this type of accident can happen out of the blue, especially when thick fog descends out of nowhere. So, if you are unlucky enough to be involved in such a crash, your vehicle may sustain damage from multiple directions, and you may suffer certain injuries. How can you prove negligence in this situation so that you can get some compensation to pay for your losses?

Hazardous Environment

Motorways can be dangerous places at the best of times, and people tend to speed while not taking as much notice of their surroundings as they should. After all, they may be lulled into a false sense of security because the roads are so straight, and it's easy to build a certain speed and stick to it.

Descending into Mayhem

Unfortunately, things can go wrong very quickly when a sudden weather event comes into play. If it's that time of year and fog is possible, mayhem can ensue if it suddenly appears as an impenetrable wall.

Multiple Crashes

People may do their best to stop in a situation like this, but the incident will typically involve multiple crashes. One vehicle runs into the back of another and pushes it into a third. Then, a different vehicle may come down the outside lane and crash into the side of this stationary train.

Dealing with the After-Effects

If you were lucky to get away without major injuries, you might still have to deal with whiplash, broken bones or bruises. You may have to spend quite a lot of time away from work. In this scenario, you will need to pay out of your pocket for deductibles or other parts of your medical care; worse still, you may be too anxious to get behind the wheel again. You could certainly benefit from some compensation to pay for your injuries, time off work and pain and suffering.

Unravelling the Evidence

Still, it can certainly be difficult to prove blame in this situation. You will need to bring in an experienced car accident compensation lawyer who will analyse the available evidence and help build a case. They will need to refer to police reports and any video footage that was recorded at the scene. Ideally, you should take photographs if possible and record the name of witnesses to back you up.

Staying the Course

Blame may be shared amongst several drivers and their insurance companies, making the process quite involved or lengthy. This is why you need someone with experience to help you fight your corner and get what you truly deserve. 

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